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Digital Content Creator freelance - remoto


My name is Lorena Martinez, Content Marketing Specialist.

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About me!


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Tel: +34 644 659 488 

With over 6 years of experience as a Content Creator, I can create fresh, creative, and high-quality content designed to generate an emotional response to the viewer and guide them through a conversion process. I have experience developing and executing content, from concept design to execution to use in an holistic marketing strategy.


I am skilled in creating content in various formats, such as short and long-form videos and graphic animations, using tools like Adobe Creative Suite, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro, as well as sound editing such as music and voice-overs, static images, and graphics. I always providing creative solutions to any project while maintaining the integrity of the client's vision and target audience.


I have created content for social media, such as, testimonials video, educational videos, corporate videos, podcasts, 2D and 3D animations, After Effects intros for different well-known brands such as Google, Discovery Channel, Aarhus University, International Yachts Center SL, Lufthansa, and Santander City Council, among others.


I create and edit videos with its thumbnail design on Canva for YouTube based on goals and target audiences, including researching keywords, as well native advertising for social media content or the platform that suits your brand. I have experience in data analysis to get information about what works and what doesn't, adjusting the content strategy to maximize results.


I speak Spanish (native), English, and Danish fluently and I have my own equipment.


You can learn more about my background on LinkedIn.



How we will we work?


I will work closely with the professionals in the Digital Marketing and SEO Department to ensure that the content produced aligns with the overall goals and digital marketing campaign.

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